A Word From The Maker

Thank you for visiting my store babe!

I'm Lucean and I am so grateful and excited that you're here.. Hopefully you saw something you like so i can get to making them for ya! :)

Ummm so yeah,  just wanted to say something real quick, wont be long.

As a Jamaican-born and raised self taught-artisan, I'm proud to create such a diverse range of high-quality, ultra feminine and sexy handmade sandals. I  carter to women worldwide! 

Yup, made by woman, for women- each design is personally designed and handcrafted from scratch by yours truly, and let me tell you babe, I put a lot of love while ensuring every sandal meets my high standards for comfort and durability before shipping them out. So these sandals are not just about their pretty looks!  I know dats right!

yeah....I also wanted to  add that I absolutely love what I do (cant say this enough) and  I take great pride in each pair I create and it shows in every sole! I could go on and on but imma leave it here for now. 

Thanks for reading and thanks again for stopping by!

Love ya loads.